Wednesday, March 21, 2012

DIY : Wee-Wee Proof Cones

A new tutorial/DIY for today : how to make your own "wee-wee proof cones" for baby boys !

As a future mum of a little boy, all my friends have cautioned me : "prepare a lot of towels because you're going to be attacked during each diaper change"...
Me ? Be attacked ? By my baby, my wonder of the world ? No way !!!
And yet...
Even if I can't be sure about it for my baby (because he isn't yet born), I noticed that this statement was exact with the baby boys of my friends. The little guys seem to love to pee when their penis is in the open air : on the person who changes them, or even on themselves !

As usual, I used my friend Google to find solutions.
So I typed "how to protect myself from pee-attacks", or "how to avoid getting peed on by my baby", ... but without any success !

Fortunately, thanks to the US blogs I read, I discovered a magical object : the wee-wee proof !

This is actually a small cone with felt or terry-towelling to place on the penis of the baby during the change. The thick fabric will absorb the urine and you will just have to wash the cone rather than the walls, the floor, the baby and... YOU !

But, I can't find it in France ! So, I decide to make it by myself for my future baby and for my friends !

How to make it ?

1) Prepare the materials :
- a sewing machine
- terry-towelling
- cotton fabric
- scissors
- a piece of cardstock
- a fabric pencil
- pins

About the terry-towelling, I had a good quality towel... but pierced ! So, instead of throwing it away, I've used it for my project.

2) Using a model, draw a circle on the cardstock to make a pattern.
Personally, I used a bowl (upside down) to get the desired format.

3) Use the pattern to cut out circles in the fabric and in the terry towelling.
Then cut each fabric circle in 2 semi-circles.

4) Place 1 semi-circle of terry-towelling and 1 semi-circle of cotton fabric right sides together, using pins. Then, sew just on the round edge.

5) Return the project to put the fabrics wrong sides together, and hide the seam.

Fold the project in half along the rounded to obtain a quarter circle (using pins). The cotton fabric must be inside.

6) Sew the straight edge (the only edge not folded or sewn).

Return for the last time the project to hide the seam and get a cone (terry-towelling inside and cotton fabric outside).

The cones are ready to be used !!!

And for those who still don't understand the use of this object, Mr. Duck has agreed to be our model today.

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